Carolina & Filipe

Carolina & Filipe

Can you me about yourself?

Filipe: I was born in Oporto and moved to Lisbon in 2000 where I met Carolina at university. I then moved to London in 2006 to attend Ravensbourne College.

Carolina: I was born in Lisbon to a Brazilian mother and Portuguese father. I moved to London in 2007 to study Graphic Design at Ravensbourne College.


What is your Occupation?

Filipe: I'm the Founder and Creative Director of a design studio.
Carolina: I'm a Graphic Designer at a British fashion brand.

What drew you to move to Golden Lane Estate?

Filipe: We have always had an interest in architecture and the Barbican was a special place for us; I think we always felt 'at home'. However, one day on my lunch break, my best friend and I decided to go to Whitecross Street Market and he gave me a little tour of the Golden Lane Estate. To this day, he still takes credit for us moving in.

Carolina: I was visiting Filipe in London in 2006 and he took me to the Barbican for the first time. I remember falling in love with it immediately. We wandered around and recognised so many elements of modern architecture and so many influences of Le Corbusier. It just felt like we were somewhere else in the world other than London. A few years later, I bumped into Golden Lane Estate and discovered that it was designed by the same architects as the Barbican and that it was essentially the Barbican’s older and more colourful brother.

How long have you lived on the Estate?

We first moved to Stanley Cohen House in May 2015, then to Crescent House in December 2015.

Your favourite feature of Golden Lane Estate?

Filipe: Its character and how well considered the layouts are.

Carolina: Even though it’s so central, it’s extremely quiet, mainly due to all the buildings facing inwards; it gives you a special sense of being protected from the outside world. Our flat overlooks the beautiful swimming pool and tennis courts. The sound of tennis balls bouncing is very welcoming on Saturday mornings.

How have you found it living in the Golden Lane Estate?

Filipe: Besides being able to appreciate its architectural features everyday, there is a real character to the estate. Sometimes it’s warm and friendly, other times it can feel very raw. It’s a combination of the architecture, the weather and its residents. But it's definitely unique and that is the main reason why I truly enjoy living here.

Carolina: I think from here it will be very difficult to find somewhere so unique. We have friends living in the Barbican and our landlords are lovely and also live on the Estate. It always felt like an impossible task to live here, but dreams do come true and we absolutely love it.