Emily ffrench Blake

Emily ffrench Blake

Can you write a short description about yourself?

Emily ffrench Blake. I grew up in the USA and the South of the UK in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset. Definitely a country girl at heart, but I love a mix of both city and countryside.

What is your Occupation?

I work at Spotify leading our Global Partner and New Markets Sales business. Essentially this means I lead our international expansion efforts for the free part of our business, and manage all our smaller markets where we work with a partner to represent our advertising proposition rather than having our own office.

What drew you to move to Golden Lane Estate?

A devastating break up! I had come out of a 7+ year relationship with my fiancee very suddenly and needed a place to live sharpish. Putting a post on Facebook isn't the type of thing you can do in this situation as we were only a few weeks from getting married. I had seen my now landlord and old school friend Chester in San Francisco while I was working out what to do next. I had just begun looking at possible rentals in the Barbican, and serendipitously Chester's current tenants decided to move to Brazil, so he needed a new tenant.

How long have you lived on the estate?

Nearly 2 years

What is your favourite feature of your flat?

The light, peace and balcony gardening in summer. Even on a gloomy day this flat is a slice of serenity. I travel 60% of the year so it's such a dream to come back here and nest when I am jet lagged and shattered. The flat is tiny but perfectly formed. I feel so fortunate to have found such a perfect port. I love Chester's Vitsoe shelving too. It has allowed me to have a home for all the nicknacks I have picked up on my travels.

How have you found it living on the estate?

I love it. People are really friendly and interesting, but equally you have plenty of privacy. I have also found a whole new appreciation for modernist architecture and the way of living. I can't see myself going back to traditional housing anytime soon.