Can you tell me about yourself?

I have lived in or very close to London most of my life - In spite of the expense, traffic and tourist hot-spots I don’t think I could live anywhere else.

What is your occupation?

I restore and look after historic buildings. At present I work for the Historic Chapels Trust, caring for a collection of buildings. All of them are special places - from Cornwall to Northumberland, from deliberately simple meeting-houses to richly decorated churches.

What drew you to move here?

I like the estate because it is through-designed - everything from the light fittings to the window frames are carefully considered.

Plus its great to live so centrally in London. 

How long have you lived on the estate?

About 10 years. I moved here from Spitalfields, deliberately down-sizing.

What is your favourite feature of your flat?

My bedroom walls are only head height - the living room and bedroom ceiling floats beyond the walls - so even though its a small flat it doesn’t feel tight.

How have you found it living here?

Its friendly - people stop and talk - even in the lifts - an urban microcosm.