James Webb

James Webb

Can you tell me about yourself?

I was born in the UK but moved to Australia as a teenager with his family. I met my wife in Amsterdam 12 years ago and we moved to London at the end of 2011.

What is your occupation?

I am an Architect.

What drew you to move to the Barbican?

I used to visit London every year to see the Serpentine pavilion, I said that if i ever moved to London it would be to the Barbican. Years later when I  decided to leave Amsterdam for London I followed that up.

How long have you lived on the estate?

We had a Studio flat in Bryer Court for 3.5 years and moved to a classic type 20 apartment in Speed House one year ago.

What is your favourite feature of the Barbican flats?

We love so many things about it: 

Apartment: The full height glazing, balcony - perfect for summer evening dinners (weather dependant), generous sized apartments, high quality design throughout, the timber work, kitchen design, sound insulation. 

Barbican Estate: Sheer scale of the project, the communal gardens, the Arts Centre, the fact that you are in Central London and it is so peaceful. 

How have you found it living in the barbican estate?

We could not imagine living anywhere else in London. It is an amazing environment, a constant joy, and not to get too heavy it is a reminder of when planners and architects had vision and the power to implement them.