Mae & Jay

Mae & Jay

Can you tell me about yourself?

Mae: I am half Malaysian and half British but I grew up in London, near Angel.

Jay: I grew up in Luxembourg, and then went to boarding school in Ireland before moving to Lancaster for university. After meeting Mae, I decided to move to London and stay.


How long have you lived on the Estate?

We moved in at the start of May this year (2017) and were one of the first to move into the tower after it’s renovation. 


What is your occupation?

Mae: I am a partnerships account manager in a large media agency.

Jay: I work in project management for an engineering consultancy on some huge infrastructure projects.


What drew you to move to the Barbican?

Mae: Having been to primary school in Charterhouse Square and then secondary school at City Girls, the Barbican was always my second home, and whenever I’m inside the estate I feel the concrete strangely comforting. Since moving here, I’ve started going to Zumba class at Golden Lane, and it brings back such happy memories of when I used to go to swimming and tennis lessons there as a young child.

Jay: The first time I came to the Barbican I really wasn’t a fan – it was grey, cold and rainy. But then I went on an architecture tour and learnt more about its history and became really interested. As I grew up right next to a forest, I really appreciate having the wildlife garden next door and the residents’ gardens to relax in. I love having a quiet place to come back to but still being so close to everything.


Your favourite feature of Barbican flats?

Mae: I love the wall-to-wall windows that wrap around our living room, they’re great for people watching or taking in the incredible sunsets.

Jay: The views and the amount of light we get in the living room. I finally get enough to grow some plants!


How have you found it living in the barbican estate?

Mae: I feel so lucky to live here; it is so peaceful and yet so convenient. Being able to walk to work rather than having to take the tube is priceless. I am looking forward to meeting more Barbican residents and getting involved in the community.

Jay: I love living here, as it’s so close to everything. After moving every year for the past six years, I’m excited to finally settle down for a bit longer.