Can you tell me about yourself?

We've both lived in London all our adult lives, it's certainly home, although not always homely.  The Barbican is our modernist oasis.

How long have you lived on the Estate?

3 years

What is your occupation?

Painter and Design Director / Costume Designer

What drew you to move to the Barbican?

We've been independently drawn to the Barbican for many years, enjoying it both culturally and architecturally.

We were just at the start of our search for an apartment when we came to view a recently available 'type 20'. It immediately felt right and we put put down a deposit the next day.  

Your favourite feature of Barbican flats?

Ergonomic use of space and the light.

How have you found it living in the barbican estate?

It's a privilege to be here.  It's more than just the architecture, the concrete and the notoriety, it's a community.  There are so many intangibles that make living here unique, and positive.