Tom & Kristina

Tom & Kristina

Can you tell me about yourself?

Tom is originally from Winchester, England and Kristina was born in Florida but grew up in Michigan, US. We met 10 years ago whilst studying design at Central Saint Martins.

What is your occupation?

Tom is a partner of a design and branding agency called EACH London. Kristina is a full time mum to Iris, but also has an online homeware store called The Modernist Shelf. 

What drew you to move to the Barbican?

We owned and renovated a little 60's flat in Hackney previously, but fancied trying somewhere really central and with a bit more room. The Barbican was always somewhere we loved spending time, and so we very fortunately found this place.

How long have you lived on the estate?

Coming up to 2 years, and hopefully longer! A neighbour once said to us, once you live here it's hard to move anywhere else in London. We can see why now.

What is your favourite feature of the barbican flats?

The Floor to ceiling windows. The perfectly proportioned rooms. The mailbox/rubbish cupboard. The under-floor heating. The Barbican sink (with built in toilet roll holder!). The thick, thick concrete walls. The ingenious handle/lock on the exterior doors. The list could go on.

How have you found it living here?

Really enriching. It's interesting to find so central in London, a truly successful example of such a 'planned' residential area. The proof is in the sheer mix of folks that happily inhabit the area. The generous yet economical use of space and the care and attention to every detail, all add up to making the lives of residents so much richer. Hopefully this spirit can be retained – or at least continue to influence future developments, as we inevitability move further and further out of the heart of the city.