Can you tell me about yourself?

I moved to London 40 years ago, and lived and worked in many different parts of the city. But I came to stay in the Barbican because it was the place where I felt at home, instantly, and now I can't imagine living anywhere else.

What is your occupation?

I currently work part time in Bookmarks Bookshop in Bloomsbury and I also work as a Barbican Host in the Centre at least two or three days every week.

What drew you to move to the Barbican?

I came to the Barbican because it is quite unlike anything else in London. When I worked in the city area it was constantly in my view, all curves and spikes and seemed both intimidating and exciting. It is very enigmatic, and so I decided to find out more about it.

How long have you lived on the estate?

I've lived here for 11 years.

What is your favourite feature of the barbican flats?

The attention to detail in the flats is unique - the quality inside the flats reminds me of being inside a luxury car.

How have you found it living here?

I've heard many people describe the Barbican as cold, impersonal and dystopian; but that's not the way I've found it - in fact its quite the opposite: comfortable, welcoming and stylish in a non-threatening, low key way. At times it can be amazingly beautiful and entirely life enhancing.